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The Bob' Transmission & Automotive staff of transmission service & repair technicians and management realize that our auto repair customers are the most valued asset of our auto repair shop. We are always happy to receive testimonials from shop customers and equally happy to share their feedback with you!

"I was going to get my 05' Hyundai Sonata fixed so that I could have an emission waiver because there was no way my car could pass on emission. It had a check engine light on with 9 codes, and my transmission could only shift up to 3. Instead of going for a report to fax to dept of natural resources, these guys gave me an emission report with a pass. This was so amazing everything was fixed and I only paid $350 for everything. Now I have one of the best Hyundai Sonatas thanks to Bob's Transmissions. God Bless!"

- Sospeter Muiyuro, Online Submission

"I just wanted to thank you all for the repair a few weeks ago to our Chevy Venture with the warped head. It has been running great and last weekend we drove it to and from Kirksville. Although it hasn't been too cold, it's nice to have the heater working again."

- Neil Koenig, Online Submission

"Bob's guys worked on one of our commercial vans. The engine would not make a smooth transition from 1st to 2nd gear. They took the time to help figure out the problem instead of just trying to sell me new parts. They also transported me back and forth to work while they worked on our van. I appreciate their time and genuine effort."

- Maryellen Scheel - Catering by Georgianna

"THANK YOU to all the staff at Bob's. I just moved to the area and needed some work done on my Audi. I received outstanding customer service and they did a excellent job on the repairs. They earned my business for any future repairs and I would recommend them to anyone in need of automotive repair. Thanks guys!!"

- Bradey Gotto, Online Submission

"My brother always took care of our vehicles. He passed away unexpectedly this year. We remembered him telling us about a transmission shop that my dad used to go to. Luckily they were still there. It was easy to remember since my dad's name was also Bob. The service was outstanding. The mechanic sounded like my brother...didn't understand a thing he said, just knew my Ford Escape was in good hands. They were also able to have the car back to me when I needed it to go to work. Thank you so much for taking care of my car."

- Nancy Howk from St. Ann, Missouri

"Bob's was outstanding, specifically Scott. He went above and beyond helping with my daughter, a student at LU, when her transmission went out on us the last day of school. Bob's not only repaired the car they stored her car for the summer until she returned in August since we live in Virginia. Thank you Scott for your excellent customer service and flexibility!"

- Scot Thornton, Online Submission

"Bob's Transmission & Automotive rebuilt my 1998 Honda Accord transmission. They did a very nice job. My car is more dependable than ever. So I am confident my car will start all the time. Thanks for making my car so reliable!"

- Yashodhan, Online Submission

"During a 2,100 mile trip from Tampa, Florida to St. Paul, Minnesota, I got stranded on the I-70 bridge in a torrential downpour during rush hour. A good Samaritan pulled over and towed me over the bridge and onto a wide shoulder. He gave me Bob's number and assured me the he was reputable. Little did we know that I would meet more good Samaritans that day. Bob, Judy, Joe, Pat, Steve, and Pudge all made us feel like long-lost friends. Bob cleared a bay, Joe literally ran between trucks as he maneuvered our truck and trailer into the lot. Joe and Pat stayed late on a Friday night to get me back on the road. Bob was quick with the humor and more than fair with charges. It's rare to break down on the road and, at the end of the day, feel like maybe you were supposed to meet these people. You are in good hands at Bob's Transmission and Automotive. Many Thanks."

- John Dustman from St. Paul, Minnesota

"My Jeep would not go in reverse so I called Bob's to have it towed and serviced. My car was towed that day as well as serviced that day and had me back on the road in no time. You will not be disappointed with the service at Bob's. Thanks again Bob!"

- Jayson Lightle from Hazelwood,Missouri

"Paid $1300 for a rebuild from Copeland transmission went 300 miles and burnt up. Went back there and they were out of business, go figure? Called Bob and he hooked me up,Thanks Bob job well done!"

- Jason Schnapp from St. Louis, MO

"On my way from Kansas City to the Chicago area, my transmission seemed to be slipping and the check engine light came on when I stopped for gas in the St. Louis area. I stopped at a garage, who confirmed that the check engine light was transmission related. It was nearly 1 PM on a Saturday and the local garage man called Bob, who agreed to stay late until I arrived. Bob said there was nothing that they could do that day, but had Mike take me to the airport where I rented a car. They worked on my car on Monday and got me running again. The charge was minimal as they told me I should get my permanent repair closer to home. He even looked up a certified transmission shop in my area. They even went back to the rental agency to drop off the rental car.Bob, Rob, Mike, and everyone else were so personable and above all, TRUSTWORTHY. They could have really stung a stranded motorist, but they treated me fairly. Thank you so much!"

- Larry Sebby from Blue Springs, MO

"My Subaru transmission was slipping and clunking into gear. Since I was new to St. Louis I really didn't know where to go to get it fixed. Luckily, I found Bob's on the internet. They made some minor adjustments and changed the fluid and filter which corrected the problem for about $100. I don't think any other shop would have been as competent and trustworthy. Thanks!"

- John Yoder from St. Louis

"I was experiencing problems with the AWD on my Subaru so I called 4 or 5 transmission shops as well as a dealer to discuss possible causes and solutions. After talking to Scott and visiting (where I found they were a member of ATRA and BBB) I decided to bring my car to Bob's. I liked their approach of attempting to resolve the problem in the least intrusive manner possible. This philosophy allowed the problem to be resolved for less than $100 when others I called were advising me it could cost as much as $1800 to fix the problem. Bob's was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks"

- Steven Boyce from Florissant, Missouri

"I'm an UMSL student, and had MAJOR car problems right before leaving for Christmas break. Upon receiving service with Mr. Pete Misuraca I have concluded that Bob's is the only auto repair I will go to in the future. His honesty, integrity, and customer service went well beyond my expectations as a customer. I would also like to mention that he made this unfortunate experience pleasant with honesty and clarity in defining the problem. Honesty goes a long way with me, expecially since I felt I could trust him."

- Mitchell Brothers from Evansville, IN

"Bob's shop was the only transmission company willing to help with my kids' 1961 /Studebaker Hawk. At the time, Bob worked alongside his technicians. He fixed the automatic transmission, found a problem with the flywheel and on his own initiative located a replacement for this antique. I was amazed when I got the bill. It was a small fraction of what I expected."

- Pete Leverenz from Creve Coeur, MO

"TWO instances where Bob's saved me THOUSANDS. My '03 T&C was shifting hard...took it to A****O, one of those chain transmission shops...yep...I needed a new transmission for $2300. Wanting a second opinion, my body shop recommended Bob's. A technician hopped in my car, test drove it, retrained the transmission and it ran good as new...NO CHARGE! That earned my loyalty. A year later, my '99 Cirrus with over 100K miles was making a grinding sound after a long trip. Took it to a popular local tire/auto shop...they said I needed a new least $2200. Of course, I took it to Bob's for a second opinion. Nothing wrong with the transmission! It just needed front end wheel bearings replaced. Car runs great now. You can TRUST these guys! Thanks!"

- Rich Hartfelder from Chesterfield, Missouri

"I had always heard good things about Bob's Transmission. When my car wouldn't start on Monday at 7:50am, I gave them a call. They said they could take a look at it and probably get it fixed that day. They said they used Doc's Towing, so I called them to take my car to Bob's. I was told someone would be there within the hour. It took an hour and a half. My car got to Bob's at 10am. I was told it would be looked at right away. At 3pm, I called to check on my car. I was told my battery was charging and that they'd have more information later. At 4:30, I was called and told that something was draining the juice from the battery and that it would need to be troubleshooted, which could take up to 2 hours. I was told someone might be staying late to figure out the problem but that I would be called with a quote as soon as everything was figured out. I called at 10am on Tuesday and was told I just had an old battery that needed to be replaced and that the car would be ready to go by 2pm.I was not pleased with Bob's. The price wasn't bad for the towing, the new battery, and the labor. But, not having my car for a day and a half over a dead battery is unexcusable to me. I will never use Bob's again. I wanted to find a garage near my home that I liked for all of my servicing needs, but I guess I'll look elsewhere."

- Erin Gourley from Maryland Heights


- randall gilmore from 3 dax ct.

"I thought the reddish leak I had was from my transmission. I asked my regular service company about it and they recommended Bob's. It turned out that it was rusty anti-freeze leaking from a connection that was difficult to access. Rob was very good about explaining the problem and suggesting ways to solve it. He gave me several alternatives at different price levels on an older vehicle. After discussing them with him, I chose the route that made the most economic sense. So far, no leaks. I am very satisfied and was very pleased with the friendly service I received. A few years ago I took another car to one of the transmission chains. I will never go back to them as they were very rude and their work was unacceptable."

- Fritz Gebhard from St Louis

"I thought that I had a transmission problem; but Bobs identified the real problem and fixed my auto for one-tenth of what I thought it would cost. They run an honest shop in my estimation!"

- Paul McConnell

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